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Success and Happiness Are Not Matters of Chance But Choice – Zig Ziglar

How to Exude Confidence in Social Situations How to Appear Confident Even if You Don't Feel Confident

  We’ve all been there before. Pounding hearts, sweating palms or foreheads, dry lips, quivering hands, and /or shaky legs. Okay, maybe that is a slight exaggeration but you get the gist. Social situations tend to arouse in us a kind of anxiety and test our confidence. Some of us have learned to deal with […]

Can’t Keep New Year’s Resolutions? Here’s Why Find out why it can be hard to keep New Year's resolutions

The hype about New Year’s resolutions is undeniable and has been around for as long as I can remember.  Naturally, as soon as I could read and write, I fell in line and followed this tradition whose origins I wasn’t even sure of. But I quickly came to realize that if I had been as […]

Tips That We Can Learn From Kids About Happiness Life doesn't have to be too serious

If you occasionally experience feelings of unhappiness, don’t you just look at kids sometimes and go, “Oh what I would give to be in their shoes right now! They look so happy and stress-free!” You can’t help but envy their lifestyle. You know… wake up, demand breakfast that you don’t have to worry about where it […]

Why Am I So Unhappy? Here Is Why You Might Be Feeling So Unhappy

Who doesn’t want to be happy? Kind of a stupid question right? If this question required people to raise their hands in response I doubt anybody’s hand would be up. Oh, and don’t be fooled by those people who look like they don’t care for happiness. It’s just a facade. Otherwise, we would have a […]

Self-Awareness – My Success Story

From my previous story,  ”The beginning of my Self-Awareness Journey”. I have highlighted how my journey began and when the reality of the implications of lack of self-awareness hit me. Prior to that, I also touched on how lack of self-awareness had impacted me in my life as described in my personal story. In this […]

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